Who we are

The CEFL is an association of Liberian churches that organized in the late 1960s. Their aim is to promote unity between the many churches in Bassa County and to work together to achieve shared goals. Their first major project was to start a Christian high school in Buchanan.

The CEFL motto is a Bassa proverb:
Except they unite, the red ants cannot build their nest.

The red weaver ants live in trees and make nests in the leaves. They pull several leaves together by making a living chain of ants until they reach from one leaf to the next and draw them together.

The churches of Bassa county realized that by themselves they had limited resources. But by joining together, they could do great things. The high school they built in the early 70s is still active despite 14 years of devastating civil war. They do not have a lot to work with, especially since rebel forces looted everything. But together they have been able to carry on.

The high school was only the beginning. Today the CEFL also runs a clinic, a bookstore/printshop, and an adult education program. Pastors and church leaders from more than 60 denominations have benefitted from Theological Education by Extension classes. When the war started, a studio had been built and a Bassa radio program was just getting started. The CEFL was able to start a low-power FM station in Buchanan In May of 2005, the same month that the CEFL-sponsored translation of the entire Bassa Bible was dedicated.

We thank God for his continued blessings on the CEFL even through the tragedy of the Liberian Civil War.