New Hope for Liberia

Dear Friends,

Sincere and warmest greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with love and hope that everything is well with you. We write to give thanks, glory and honor to God for providing many blessings since we left [the United States] last November 2006

We wrote last March about the birth of Bassa Christian Radio Service, FM 89.1, in May 2005. At that time we began broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ to the city of Buchanan and the surrounding towns and villages. Continue reading “New Hope for Liberia”

New Hope for Liberia

Dear Friends,

We greet you in the name of our Savior and Lord, hoping that you are doing fine. We write this letter to give thanks to God for providing many blessings since we last wrote to you in 2004. God gave me safe travel in my return to the U.S. in January. As you know, we were able to distribute all of the donations we carried last year in the 40-foot container, which arrived in Liberia by the end of June. We thank God for how he has used you to meet the needs of the Liberian people. Continue reading “New Hope for Liberia”

Letter from Liberia

Dear Co-workers in Christ,

The Bassa people, including me, extend heartfelt appreciation for your financial, material, and prayer support for the container, which was sent for the people of Liberia, especially, the Bassa people.

I reached safely to Liberia on May 26. I was warmly welcomed back home by my brothers an sisters in Liberia. Rev. Dr. Abba G. Karnga headed the group that came to meet me on the airport. By the time I reached to Liberia, the container had already entered the port of Monrovia. However, it took us three weeks to clear the container out of the port. We had to pass through offices (up to ten) in the process. This required us more funds than we expected. But God worked for the good of His people during the process. Continue reading “Letter from Liberia”

Progress Report

Dear Co-workers,

Again we are overwhelmed by God’s unceasing grace for us in Liberia. He has made the “death angel” pass over us, rescuing us from the hands of murderers who called themselves liberators.

We also appreciate and have felt the power of your prayers and the timeliness of your contributions to our work in Liberia. During the displacement of the Executive Director in Monrovia, we were enthused by his initiative in planning workshops in which we were privileged to participate. Truly, it was through your tireless prayer and financial support that we could play a part in the reconciliation and mending of lives of our people. Continue reading “Progress Report”

Hope for Liberia

Dear Friend,

We greet you in the name of our Savior and Lord, hoping that you are doing fine.

We write this letter giving thanks to God who surely does continue to “redeem our lives from destruction, and to crown us with loving kindness and tender mercies” (Ps 103:4). At this time we are praying for God to supply the crucial needs of our people in Liberia. The whole country is suffering and in desperate need for food and shelter, water, and medical care. However, we will concentrate our efforts on behalf of Buchanan where we have lived and served. Continue reading “Hope for Liberia”

Letter from Rev. Abba G. Karnga to Henry Goeh

by: Dr. Abba G. Karnga

Abba writes Henry Goeh and family about how he survived the take-over of Buchanan by MODEL rebels and being shot in the head by a 12-year-old girl soldier.

Dear Henry,

Whatever information we send can be shared with our concerned relatives, our former missionaries, and our Christian friends.

It was July 28, 2003, at 11:30 a.m. when the MODEL rebel soldiers entered the seaport city of Buchanan. They marched in hundreds with heavy shooting. Yet there was no resistance. Continue reading “Letter from Rev. Abba G. Karnga to Henry Goeh”

Letter from Rev. Abba G. Karnga to Tim Slager

Dear Brother Slager,

I’m still around, and as my duty is to people, I receive visitors daily. That makes me feel happy with great joy, sharing smiles and laughter with one another, talking about Jesus more and more.

Now that the gunshot wound on my head is completely healed, the scar remains to be used for my testimony of God’s miracle…. Many want to know what part of my body was shot, and I point to the scar on my head. The next question usually asked is, where are you now, and what are you doing? Continue reading “Letter from Rev. Abba G. Karnga to Tim Slager”