Bassa Radio News

I knew that the vision would be easy to sell for Bassa Christian Radio, I just wasn’t sure if the time was right or not. Monday night, July 5, the Lord said that the time was not only right but the time was now! We had a nice group of people get together for Liberian food, slides, video and fun with Abba Karnga.

The deacons announced that they would take a free will offering for the radio project that the people would hear about. At the end of the meeting before the offering, one of the deacons stood up and said that someone had offered to match every dollar raised that night with $2, up to the initial budget of $3000 which would cover transmitter and antenna only. The deacons went off the count the money and the rest of us cleaned the church and finished dishes, a few minutes later the deacons came out looking pale. They gathered everyone who was left and asked Abba to stand beside them.

“Rev Karnga,” Gene said, “you can go home next week telling people that they will get their radio. This evening God blessed this small group and we raised $6491 for you.” I thought Abba was going to faint! Since Abba was on Eastern time he usually wanted to go to bed early. That night he sat in our living room in contemplation and said over and over, “It was a miracle, I tell you. God is saying, ‘GO, give the people radio.'” Even on the way to the airport early Tuesday morning he was quiet and a couple of times repeated, “That was I miracle, I tell you.”

Next on the goal or wish list is a computer with a CD Burner. This will give the capability to program the station for any period of time so that it will run unattended. A good quality tape deck and tape recorder so that the producers can record church choir music and play the tapes without converting them all to MP3 formatted CDs. Why go with the CD player and not the tape deck? Expansion and versatility.

Blessings to you,
Perry Tinklenberg