Bassa-English Dictionary

A B Ɓ C D Đ Dy F G Gb Gm H Hw I J K Kp M N Ny O Ɔ P S T V W Xw Z

N K S F M Dy G D Kp J Xw W Z Gb Đ C Hw T B V H P Ɓ Ny Gm A Ɔ O I

𖫐 𖫑 𖫒 𖫓 𖫔 𖫕 𖫖 𖫗 𖫘 𖫙 𖫚 𖫛 𖫜 𖫝 𖫞 𖫟 𖫠 𖫡 𖫢 𖫣 𖫤 𖫥 𖫦 𖫕 𖫝   𖫧 𖫨 𖫩 𖫭


The first row of linked characters above follows the standard order for the International Phonetic Alphabet. The second row follows the order of the Bassa Vah script, and the third row displays the characters of the Bassa Vah script. The Vah alphabet has two fewer characters, because the pairs Dy/Ny and Gb/Gm each use a single character, the only difference being whether the following vowel is nasalized. These two characters are repeated in the Bassa Vah list above.

This dictionary was created initially as a word list for the Bassa Bible translation project. If you know Bassa and have corrections or additions, please use the Contact page to make suggestions. For example, a number of entries are defined as a type of lizard or a type of bird. If you know what types they are or know of others, let’s include these in the dictionary.

This dictionary uses the SIL font Gentium. You can download the Gentium and other fonts from SIL and to install on your computer. You can also download and install the Noto Sans Bassa Vah font and use it on your computer.

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