Letter from Liberia

Dear Co-workers in Christ,

The Bassa people, including me, extend heartfelt appreciation for your financial, material, and prayer support for the container, which was sent for the people of Liberia, especially, the Bassa people.

I reached safely to Liberia on May 26. I was warmly welcomed back home by my brothers an sisters in Liberia. Rev. Dr. Abba G. Karnga headed the group that came to meet me on the airport. By the time I reached to Liberia, the container had already entered the port of Monrovia. However, it took us three weeks to clear the container out of the port. We had to pass through offices (up to ten) in the process. This required us more funds than we expected. But God worked for the good of His people during the process.

When the container was finally reached to Buchanan, we organized a committee of 25 persons from all our churches to handle the distribution. It took us one and a half months to do the distribution. Up to 22 Churches and organizations received parcels. Our high school, clinic, TEE, and Production workers benefited also. Everyone was very glad especially to receive the items to be used at our Production Center on the Fair Grounds, Buchanan. The motorcycles, typewriters, computers, photocopier, stationery, etc. built the strength of our work force.

The Leadership Conference of my church started when the distribution was going on. Both went simultaneously. the conference brought together 256 registered church leaders. We had up to 500 persons attending the worship services daily. The need for Christians to claim ownership of the Church and what God has placed in our hands was emphasized.

Our TEE program has re-opened again. We have eight centers in Grand Bassa County and three in Monrovia making it the total of eleven TEE centers. We thank God for the motorcycles that were provided by friends of the CEFL in the US. The bikes made our visit to the TEE centers possible, thus we were able to open these centers. We continue to receive calls for establishing centers in the rural areas of Grand Bassa County. At least, another two or three will make our extension possible to the rural area. The re-opening of the Production Center because of the equipment we received in the container is a push to the TEE ministry.

Besides the TEE program, my mission has a Leadership Training Institute that will soon open by August 23, 2004. Most of our church leaders come there for three months every year. the missions provided dwelling and food for them within that period. The Institute is maintained through the help of World Wide Missions and some missionary friends.

Our radio project is getting ready again. Praise the Lord! This has been one of the greatest needs of the Bassa people. We have obtained re-permit from the Liberian Government, collected some of our old antenna sections, at least up to 200 ft. and identified one of our smaller buildings on the Fair Grounds for the studio. We were highly motivated upon the return of Dr. Abba G. Karnga from the US. He reported that Rev. Perry Tinklenberg’s church donated more than $6,000 towards purchasing equipment for the radio.

We need your financial help for these ministries. Checks and communications for the “Hope for Liberia” ministries will be directed to Tim Slager (see address below) who is treasurer of the Christian Foundation of Liberia – US. Please make your check to Christian Education Foundation of Liberia – US and note on the check, “Hope for Liberia.” All of your contributions are tax deductible, and you will receive a letter of thanks and acknowledgment when you send a gift. CEFL-US is a 501(c)(3) organization.

We are making some preparations for an International Conference for January 2005. Some of our friends in the US will come to Liberia to be a part of this conference. We will appreciate missionary friends who may also like being a part of such conference in Africa. Besides, your prayers for us are more needed as we will be in need of some financial support for that conference. However, God has always carried us through and we believe He can do so again.

Your prayers for us will sustain and protect us, and the unity of all people of faith, the working together of all denominations, which whe have been endeavoring to develop in all these last 20 years, will continue and grow. God is doing a mighty work in Liberia! We are being grateful. We trust God with the future and the results. May the Lord bless you as you continue to pray for and support our ministries in Liberia.

Kind regards!

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Henry B. Goeh