Liberia Links

Associated Missions and Churches

Christian Reformed World Missions CRWM cosponsored Christian Extension ministries with the CEFL. They continue to support the ministries of the CEFL.
Liberia Christian Mission Worked with CEFL to establish Liberia Christian High School and continues its support of the school. LCM currently has no website of their own.
New Hope Church New Hope Christian Reformed Church, in Spokane, WA, made it possible to start the low-power FM radio station. They are staunch supporters of this ministry.
United Bible Societies Don Slager, who worked for the CEFL and CRWM on Bible translation, is now a UBS translation consultant. The entire Bassa Bible was published in 2005. The New Testament was published in 1970.
United Methodist Church One of the founding churches of the CEFL. The UMC Bishop in Liberia, Rev. John Innis, was formerly Director of CEFL’s subsidiary, CEM.
World-Wide Missions One of the founding churches of CEFL, World-Wide Missions of Liberia, is associated with this mission. Dr. Abba Karnga, Executive Director of the CEFL, is a member of this church.
Worldwide Christian Schools WWCS maintains an endowment for the CEFL. Contact Tim Slager to contribute to this fund.

Liberia Information

African Studies Center A list of helpful links about Liberia.
allAfrica News service on Liberia.
CIA Factbook An excellent overview of the geography, politics, and economy of Liberia.
FOL Friends of Liberia is an organization primarily of former Peace Corps volunteers to Liberia. They continue to stay very active and interested in Liberia. They offer a wonderful Liberia News email service you can subscribe to.
Liberia Collections Project An organization dedicated to gathering and preserving music, documents, and artifacts from and about Liberia. Includes various drafts of the Liberia Constitution.
Liberia Past and Present The history of Liberia’s people, culture, and economy in pictures, articles, maps, and links.
The Trial of Charles Taylor News and expert analysis — updated regularly when the Court is in session — throughout the trial of Charles Taylor.
Travel Images Liberia Beautiful photographs from Grand Bassa County by Mona Sturges.
US Institute of Peace Liberia peace agreements. The USIP supports the development, transmission, and use of knowledge to promote peace and curb violent international conflict.
World News Network Another source of Liberia news.


Bassa Vah Theoriginal Bassa script, created bythe remarkable Bassa medical doctor, Dr. Thomas Flo Narvin Lewis,was submittedby Charles Riley and approved as a unicode character set by the International Organization for Standardization. This submittal paper includes history and background on the script along with the technical aspects of the proposal.

Another page dedicated to the script is hosted on the United Bassa Organizations site.

Ethnologue This encyclopedia of languages includes information about nearly all the languages of the world. This link is to the Bassa page.
Indigenous Scripts of Liberia A paper for the Liberian Studies Conference 2008.
Omniglot: A guide to writing systems A site, by Simon Ager of Brighton England, dedicated to alphabets and other writing systems. Includes the Bassa Vah alphabet.
Endangered Alphabets Project Tim Brookes, professor of English at Champlain College in Vermont, has made carvings of many endangered scripts, including Bassa Vah. Peter Gorwor, of the CEFL, translated Article One of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights for the Bassa Vah carving shown on the Written Bassa page.
Wikipedia: Bassa Language A brief summary of written Bassa, with emphasis on the Vah script.