Christian Extension Ministries

CEM was started by the CEFL together with missionaries from Christian Reformed World Missions. It is now administered and run entirely by Liberians. CEM has six departments:

  • Church Leadership. The Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program continues to graduate preachers, ministers, and teachers of the Gospel (see TEECurriculum). Christian women now share pulpits equally with men.
  • Translation. The whole Bible has been translated into the Bassa language. CRWM sponsored this program over many years while the United Bible Societies oversaw the translation. The Bassa Bible was dedicated in May, 2005.
  • Primary Health Care. Since 1982, the medical clinic in this department has not closed, other than temporarily when fighting peaked. Extension classes for midwives and village health workers have been suspended because of the war, but the clinics have attended to the health needs of thousands of people.
  • Literature. A production center prints materials for all the TEE and other adult education programs, and supplies printed materials to the community.The production center is also the location for the main offices of theCEFL.
  • Agriculture. Although CEFL originally intended this as a food production ministry,it developed into a teaching ministry for local farmers.
  • Scholarship. CEFL offers scholarships to students in grade schools and TEE centers in Liberia. Our overseas scholarship program has been suspended due to the civil war.