Liberia Christian High School

LCHS was jointly started by missionaries from the American Christian Churches and Liberian teachers from the CEFL. It is among few institutions in Liberia known for their academic excellence. It continues to graduate many brilliant and promising young men and women each year. Her graduates are an asset to many Christian ministries, educational institutions, government, and business in Liberia and abroad.

Liberia Christian Mission was founded to support missionaries who taught at the school and worked with their Liberian colleagues to build this high school. Although LCM no longer has missionaries in Liberia, the mission continues to support the school. The school continued to uphold its educational tradition of solid teaching throughout the war, but the facilities suffered and were in need of repairs.

In July, 2006, Dr. Abba G. Karnga was was honored in a meeting with President Johnson Sirleaf. There followed a celebration by the people of Grand Bassa County. A fund-raising rally brought in the equivalent of US$2000—about $100,000 in Liberian dollars. The money is being used to renovate the main auditorium of the school, where Dr Karnga has taught since the school was established in 1969.

LCHS provides quality Christian Education at low cost for young people in Bassa County.