Radio Dukpa

In August, 2004, New Hope Church in Spokane, WA, raised nearly $6500 for a low-power FM station in Buchanan. Perry Tinklenberg is pastor of New Hope and former Director of CEM.

This was not a new idea for the CEFL. In 1990, just as the war was starting, a large studio building was nearly completed in lower Buchanan. Several radio programmers were trained. CEFL had already purchased a large generator and a short-wave transmitter. Many of the funds for this project were purchased with a grant from Radio Netherlands.

During the war, the equipment was stolen. The dream of a Bassa Radio station dimmed but did not die. The studio building became a refuge center for displaced persons and is still home for many of them.

The current radio project is smaller. The low-power FM transmitter, a dipole antenna, and coaxial cable are transmitting news, music, and educational programs. A small building near the center of Buchanan has been retrofitted to accommodate a small studio. The radio broadcasts to the city of Buchanan and surrounding areas.

A recent Survey showed that the Radio Dukpah signal had exceeded all expectations. Reports have been coming in of signal reception in all of Grand Bassa County, much of RiverCess County, Bong County, and there are even reports of listeners as far as Logan Town on the edge of Monrovia – 85 miles away.

The radio station met its goal to be on air in time to broadcast the dedication ceremonies for the Bassa Bible in May, 2005. During an eventful week in 2006, after being on the air for a little more than a year, lightning struck the antenna and damaged the transmitter. The radio was out of commission for nearly a year. The transmitter has been replaced and the antenna repaired. Contributions for better lightning protection are welcome.