New Hope for Liberia

Dear Friends,

Sincere and warmest greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with love and hope that everything is well with you. We write to give thanks, glory and honor to God for providing many blessings since we left [the United States] last November 2006

We wrote last March about the birth of Bassa Christian Radio Service, FM 89.1, in May 2005. At that time we began broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ to the city of Buchanan and the surrounding towns and villages.

The Bassa Christian Radio Service, BCRS FM 89.1, is the heartbeat of the Christian community, and unbelievers write back to the station how they have been converted to the saving grace of Jesus Christ through the broadcast. We need your prayers, as Satan, the devil, is fighting for the station to cease broadcasting. We give you many thanks through Jesus Christ for your assistance for the purchase of our second transmitter when our first transmitter got burnt from lightning. Again we need your prayers as Satan is still fighting and we have not been able to use the new transmitter. We need some parts to get back on the air.

The Liberia Christian High School is still in operation. We give the glory and thanks to God for giving us a Baptist Minister from Monrovia as Principal for the high school when Pr. Bill G. Dean resigned in November, 2006. It was difficult to run the school without a principal, but God made this Baptist minister willing to come to Buchanan to principal the school from March 2007. With over a month in that position, there is a change in attitude of both teachers and students. It is your prayer and assistance that have brought us this far.

The CEM Clinic and World Wide Mission Clinic have merged in terms of manpower. The CEM Clinic PAs provide services to the World Wide Missions clinic. Both clinics operate maternity centers at their clinics and God has been blessing the work of their hands and there has been no death in deliveries.

The CEM TEE program is now operating more centers than ever before, both in Buchanan and Monrovia. There are many appeals from Monrovia, Margibi, Grand Bassa, and Rivercess counties for TEE centers to be opened. These appeals are due to the joy the Bassa people have for the printing of the Bassa Holy Bible. They are zealous to learn how to read and write Bassa. Presently, with the centers that we have, we are facing the problem for transportation. The motor bikes that were donated are all down due to parts that are not available. We need your prayers and assistance. There are some bikes that are available in our country which cost $600 USD. If we can get about two of these, it will help our work a lot. The production center is printing more teaching materials for the TEE School. With your help of a photocopy machine we have been printing these teaching materials for both the teachers and students.

The World Wide Missions of Liberia International conference, hosted by the Headquarters Church, Esther K. Miller Memorial in Buchanan, was successful. It brought together international and national delegates. About 3,500 nationals attended and 12 international delegates of Greater Shiloh Church USA in attendance. The teaching sections were conducted by both international delegates and nationals. We gave God the glory for the traveling mercy of the international guests to and from Liberia. Souls were revived and converted. There are three more conferences; we have the Choir conference, in Buchanan on April 22-29, the Leadership conference in Nagbo Town, Rivercess County in July, and Annual Conference in December 2007 in Zondo, District #4, Grand Bassa County.

The Bassa Ministers Association (BMA) Bassa Branch has been undertaking series of fellowship services. In November, they organized a one-week fellowship service at the Africa Gospel League Church. In February, they organized a one-week fast and prayer for our country, the churches, and Christians all over the world. In March of 2007 BMA withdrew a case involving the St Mark A.M.E Church and one of her members from the Magistrate Court, which BMA settled peacefully. Also in March was the big fellowship program which is BMA 2007 Rotational Services. This rotational service is held once every year. During this program, a pastor from one church denomination will preach in another church. The theme for this year rotational service was Arise and Work with text taken from Romans 13: 11-13. We lost Rev Stephen D. Barnie, former acting president BMA last November 2006. The BMA also lost one of her former presidents on April 14, the late Biship, Rev. Benjamin K. Nukah, of the Africa Gospel League Church. He will be buried, by the Lord’s help, May 14.

Checks and communications for “Hope for Liberia” can be directed to Tim Slager, treasurer of the CEFL-US. All of your contributions are tex deductible, and you will receive a letter of thanks and acknowledgement when you send a gift. CEFL-US is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Please continue to pray for the leadership of the church in Liberia, and that includes especially my uncle, Dr. Abba G. Karnga. We count on your prayers for us as we carry on the this ministry that God has placed in our hands.

I want to thank all of you for praying with us for Willa, my wife, to make it here to Liberia in March. She has spent a month here and now is on her way back to join the rest of the family there.

Lastly this is a personal need for your prayer: it is very hard to minister in this country without transportation; this is the problem that hinders my traveling around the country. The Lord sent me back to minister among my people and he will provide.

In His Service,

Rev. Henry Goeh