New Hope for Liberia

Dear Friends,

We greet you in the name of our Savior and Lord, hoping that you are doing fine. We write this letter to give thanks to God for providing many blessings since we last wrote to you in 2004. God gave me safe travel in my return to the U.S. in January. As you know, we were able to distribute all of the donations we carried last year in the 40-foot container, which arrived in Liberia by the end of June. We thank God for how he has used you to meet the needs of the Liberian people.

I am writing to you now to let you know I am traveling to Liberia again in May to be present for the celebration and dedication on May 15, 2005, of the new Bassa Bibles printed in our tribal language. We praise God for how this Bible was completed with the sponsorship of CEFL (Christian Education Foundation of Liberia), CRWM (Christian Reformed World Mission), and UBS (United Bible Society). UBS has printed 10,000 copies. This translation of the Old Testament was begun in 1979. The New Testament had been completed in 1971.

We will have 5,000 copies of the new Bibles available to purchase and distribute in May at US$10/L$500 (Liberian dollars) per copy. this is a very high price for most Liberians, and at this time we seek donations to help us purchase Bibles to give to our pastors and families. Checks and communications for “Hope for Liberia” still will be directed to Tim Slager (see address below), Treasurer of the CEFL-US. All of your contributions are tax deductible, and you will receive a letter of thanks and acknowledgement when you send a gift. CEFL-US is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

At this time we report to you another great project in Buchanan that is coming to completion. In approximately two weeks from now, Bassa Christian Radio Service, BCRS FM–89.1, will go on the air broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ to the city of Buchanan and the surrounding towns and villages. In Buchanan there are already two community radio stations, but they do not have strong enough signals to cover the city and its surrounding areas. Moreover, often they break down.

As you know, Liberia is at a crucial hour of its history. Elections are to be held in the fall. There is a population of 500,000 in Grand Bassa County. To be inadequately and wrongly informed is the major obstacle that stands in the way of progress in our country. People who are not properly informed become a burden and a threat to our communities. We have many young soldiers in our communities that no longer have guns to carry, and their minds and hearts are filled with confusion and despair from years of killing and using drugs. They deperately need to hear the words of hope, words of faith and instruction that we will broadcast from Bassa Christian Radio Station. We will encourage them to go back to school, to find God’s healing mercy in their lives and to contribute to the bright future of Liberia.

Last year when I was in Liberia, I spent many hours helping to build this radio station. What a joy it is to bring these two projects to completion in May, 2005–new Bibles and a new Christian radio staion! How God has blessed and used you to be a part of this success! We pray that you find it in your hearts to give generously at this time. When I leave on May 7, I would like to carry with me funds to support both of these projects. There are a number of items needed for the radio station along with supporting the monthly operating expenses, including the salary of the Radio Manager. Yes, and we still have a critical need for financial support for our clinic and high school.

Please continue to pray for the leadership of the Church of Liberia, and that includes especially my uncle, Dr. Abba G. Karnga, who is still the Executive Director of CEFL. He continues to work very hard even though he has not been well since his stroke in 2002. Again we count on your prayers for us as we travel and carry on the ministry that God has placed in our hands. Pray for us as we make crucial decisions for the months ahead. A number of former missionaries of the Christian Reformed Church and the Christian Church will be traveling to Liberia for this dedication. We also ask prayers for Willa and my family while I am away. This will be a short trip and I’ll return on May 22. Again we say how very grateful we are for all your gifts and contributions

In His Service,

Rev. Henry B. Goeh