Remember Liberian TBAs?

I hope that you can remember the work that Margaret did training TBAs. Does that acronym jar your memory? The picture below captures the Traditional Birth Attendants in a skit presented at their graduation from the training. These women learned how to be merciful and more thoughtful about their work.

Amazingly, Traditional Birth Attendants are still being trained by our ministry, the Christian Extension Ministries and the CEFL. Did you know that CEM  still has an Agriculture and TEE outreach as well? Women in the bush continue to receive training and continuing education through our ministry, and as a direct result, families and children are more healthy.

Because this work is done in the name of Jesus, he gets the glory and is magnified among the people.

Henry Goeh asked me to reach out to you and share this good news on behalf of the Foundation. In the coming weeks, I will share more highlights about how important and powerful the work we started continues to be. Henry wants you to consider making a gift to the the Foundation this Christmas season so that the work will continue throughout the new year. Specifically, we want to provide funds for a new transmitter and vehicle. Our goal is $10,000.

These are the action steps that I ask you to consider right now:

  • Please pray for this work to be strengthened next year–for more women and children to be helped.
  • Please consider forwarding this message to your children, especially children who were born and lived with us in Liberia. This is a way for you to share your great legacy with them.
  • Please consider a gift to change the future for another generation of the Bassa people.